The Sliding Fee Discount Program is a federal program that allows ANHC to discount our normal and customary charges for medical, dental, lab, x-ray, and pharmacy services. 

Sliding Fee Discount Program

The discount is based on household size and household income. To be eligible for the program, you must list each person in the household and provide proof of income.

Examples of proof of income include:

  • One month of paycheck stubs showing gross income

  • Social Security benefit letter

  • Unemployment benefit letter

  • Letter from your employer on company letterhead stating your gross monthly income

Please submit a completed Sliding Fee Discount Application with proof of income for all members of your household before your appointment.

You must report any changes in household income or the number of people in your household when these changes occur.

You must update your information every 12 months to remain eligible for a discount.

You can contact us at 907-743-7200 during normal business hours with questions about the program.

Updated 05/28/2020


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