Could you have pre-diabetes? 
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Diabetes is a health condition that occurs when your blood glucose (also known as your blood sugar) is too high. 

Health complications from diabetes include heart disease, damage to your nerves, kidneys, eyes and feet, and skin conditions.

Symptoms of diabetes include frequent urination, increased thirst, extreme hunger and fatigue, blurry vision, cuts and bruises that are slow to heal, and tingling, pain, or numbness in your hands or feet. 

About 1 in 10 Americans have type 2 diabetes.

About 1 in 3 Americans have pre-diabetes.

ANHC Diabetes Prevention Program
Program participants meet for group discussions (via Zoom) about healthy eating habits, physical activity, and stress management. 
Classes are led by ANHC nutritionist Tamara Deschaine, RD, and are free for all participants.
For more information or to enroll, please call (907) 743-7453 or complete the form below. We'll be in touch soon!

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