Medical Care at the Sullivan Arena Clinic

February 5, 2021


Every Friday afternoon, an ANHC care team visits the temporary shelter at the Sullivan Arena.

With laptops, new patient packets, and appointment cards in hand, they set up shop in a makeshift medical clinic near the arena’s box office.

There, in exam rooms constructed using poles and tarps, shelter residents drop in to discuss their health concerns.

On a recent Friday, physician Charlie Procknow, certified medical assistant Shymara Jones, and patient service representatives Heidi Kalmakoff and Thea Weston staffed the clinic. They provide care to 8 to 10 patients each shift.

“The primary goal of the clinic is to improve access and continuity of care with patients that normally struggle to access the health system through traditional office visits,” said Dr. Procknow.

The Sullivan Arena clinic is a cooperative effort shared by Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center, Southcentral Foundation, and Providence Hospital.

ANHC Chief Information Officer Kevin Shreve played a leading role behind the scenes, ensuring the clinic had phone service and secure access to patients’ electronic health records.

“We are fostering long-term patient relationships by creating a welcoming environment where patients can access health care with a non-intimidating, patient centered care team,” said Dr. Procknow. “I am really proud of our work at the Sullivan Arena.”