Our Mission, Vision, and Values


To be a trusted partner in every person's wellness by providing integrated, compassionate, and high-quality health care, regardless of ability to pay.


Accessible care for a healthy Anchorage.


RESPECT: Serve our patients, each other, and community members with courtesy, respect, and cultural sensitivity. We value the diversity of staff and clients and will strive to honor each person.

COMPASSION: Provide accessible and affordable services in an empathetic and thoughtful manner. Promote an open and friendly manner to invite others to feel welcomed and valued.

PERSONAL INTEGRITY: Assume personal responsibility for achieving the highest standard of ethics, honoring our commitments and fostering an environment of mutual trust and stewardship.

EXCELLENCE: Achieve a high level of excellence in fulfilling our mission and working with each other. Demonstrate excellence with exceptional customer service and unquestionable work ethics.

COLLABORATIVE SPIRIT: Demonstrate a willingness to work with each other, patients, government agencies, donors, and our community.