Luma Health

Luma Health is a new way to communicate with your ANHC care team. Use text messaging and a secure patient portal to make appointments, check in when you arrive, complete paperwork, receive lab results, request prescription refills, and more.

Ready to begin using Luma? If you have already received a text message from us, simply reply to the text or click on the link to access your patient portal. If you haven’t received a text message from us, give us a call at (907) 743-7200. We’ll help you get started.

Check out some frequently asked questions below. Have a question? Send us an email at

What can Luma help me do?

  • Schedule, change, cancel, and confirm your appointments

  • Check in when you arrive

  • Complete paperwork

  • Request prescription refills

  • Communicate with your care team

  • Request medical records

  • Provide feedback about your experience at ANHC

We will also use Luma to send you reminders about upcoming appointments and services your provider has recommended for you. 

Is Luma secure?

Yes. Luma’s patient portal is HIPAA compliant, meaning that your personal health information (PHI) is protected and completely safe. When you need to complete an activity that involves PHI, we’ll send you a text with a link to the secure patient portal. Text messages will be used only for things like appointment reminders and referrals.

Please do not include PHI in text messages you send to us. If you need to send us a message with PHI, please use the secure patient portal.

What technology do I need to use Luma?

To use Luma’s texting function, you simply need a phone that can send and receive text messages. To use the patient portal, your phone will also need to be connected to the internet.

If you do not have a phone that can send and receive text messages, we will send you an email. If you do not have an email address on file, we will call you by phone.

How do I start using Luma?

You may have already received a text message from us. If so, continue to send messages to that number. Your messages will go directly to your account in our internal record-keeping system.

If you have not received a text message from us and would like to begin using Luma, please call (907) 743-7200 and we’ll send a you text to get started.

I can't log in to my Luma patient portal account. What should I do?

Please call (907) 743-7200 to verify the information we have on file for you.

What information does the new patient portal show?


Luma’s patient portal shows your appointment history and upcoming appointments, messages you exchanged with your care team, forms you have completed, and files you have shared.

You do not need to create an account with a password to enter the portal. Instead, you’ll be asked to provide your first and last name and your date of birth each time you enter the portal to verify your identity.

The new patient portal does not include your medical records, like lab results and visit summaries.

I need a copy of my medical records. What should I do?

To obtain a copy of vaccine records or lab results for yourself or your child, send us a text. We can supply that information without receiving a Request for Information (ROI) form.

To obtain other medical records, send us a text and we will send you a ROI form (also found here). Complete the form (digital signatures are OK) and we will send you a copy of your records via your preferred method.

Can I communicate in a language besides English?

Yes! We are able to send messages in over 20 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hmong, Korean, Russian, Somali, Spanish, and Tagolog. Reply in the language you are most comfortable with and we will translate your response.


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