Working from Home

Remote Access

Microsoft Windows versions prior to Windows 10 are not supported

Click HERE for instructions on finding what version of Windows you are running

MacOS versions older than 10.13.X (High Sierra) are not support

Click HERE for instructions on finding what version of MacOS you are running

Horizon View

This is the preferred remote access solution.

Primary Server:

*Secondary Server (if primary does not load):

Two options are presented: Install VMware Horizon Client or VMware Horizon HTML Access

*Screenshot to the right shows what the page looks like

HTML Access 

Works with Google Chrome (v69+), Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer (v11) on Microsoft Windows 10 or MacOS 10.13.X (or newer).​

HTML Access is intended for use where you do not own or have administrative control of the computer you are connecting from. Modern web browsers support HTML5 which allows you to connect without installing software but has the following limitations:

  1. Connecting to USB devices, including the PowerMic II for dictation, is not available

  2. Transferring files from your local computer into a Horizon View session is not available​

VMware Horizon Client

Install either the VMware Horizon Client for Windows or VMware Horizon Client for Mac. You're welcome to try iOS, Android, or Chrome OS clients but they are not supported by the ANHC Service Desk.

After the client software installs successfully, please use the primary server address ( and supply your whole email address and password.

MacOS Users:  You will be presented with several security warnings and need to enter your MacOS password at least two times.  It's normal to get a pop-up warning that the application was downloaded from the web (prior to letting you install the application).  Because the Horizon Client has options for connecting to local USB devices and drives there is another security prompt that will take you to the MacOS System Preferences under Security & Privacy asking you to approve the Horizon Client.