Our integrated system of care means that many of your health care needs, including behavioral health care, can be met right here at ANHC.


Your primary care provider may refer you to an ANHC behavioral health clinician, who will work with you to prevent and manage health conditions, make informed health decisions, and create a healthy lifestyle.

Our behavioral health team includes psychologists, social workers, and a psychiatric nurse practitioner who practice in a confidential, compassionate, and culturally sensitive environment. Meet our behavioral health providers.

Behavioral health care at ANHC includes the management and treatment of:

  • mental health conditions

  • conditions related to substance misuse

  • health behaviors (especially those that contribute to chronic medical illnesses)

  • life stressors and crises

The behavioral health care offered at ANHC is limited to ANHC primary care patients. Become an ANHC patient.


The behavioral health care offered at ANHC is not meant as a substitute for long-term mental health counseling. If your behavioral health clinician determines you need further care, you may be referred to community partners for things like more complex mental illnesses and substance misuse treatment.

Behavioral Health Care