I am proud to present ANHC’s 2017 Annual Report to the community. 

2017 was a year of continued growth and development for our organization. ANHC saw almost 13,000 patients from all over Alaska— from as far south as Seward and as far north as Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow). 


Nelson Mandela once said, “Health cannot be a question of income; it is a fundamental human right” and I believe his statement directly correlates to ANHC’s mission of improving wellness by providing high quality, compassionate health care, regardless of ability to pay.

As one of Alaska’s oldest and largest community health centers, we are proud to offer a robust sliding-fee discount program to our patients. 

These discounts allow patients to access our medical, behavioral health, dental, lab, radiology and pharmacy services, by providing reduced costs for these essential needs.

In 2017, we completed an exciting redesign of our discount program. This new simplified structure now offers additional savings and allows our patients to consistently access health care, when they need it, without finances being a barrier. It’s important to us to always give back to our community, and our staff and board members were thrilled to launch this newly redesigned discount program. 

Know that the ongoing support and partnership ANHC receives from the community plays a major role in our success in keeping Alaskans healthy. I look forward to an equally successful 2018 and I would like to thank each of you for your continued support and encouragement. 


Whether you are a patient, staff member, or health center supporter, we thank you for playing a role in in this vital work and we look forward to an equally amazing 2018.

Tammy Green, MPH
ANHC Chief Executive Officer

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The name Constance comes from the Latin constantia and means firm of purpose or constancy. If you ever have had the pleasure to have met longtime ANHC employee Constance Markis, or “Connie” as she is known to staff and patients, you would know that her given birth name is incredibly accurate in describing her commitment and love for helping those in need. 

We think of Connie as one of ANHC’s greatest not-so-secret weapons – not only because she is our longest serving employee – but also because of her passion and loyalty to serving our community really makes her stand out from the crowd.  


In her 35 years of working at ANHC Connie has held many roles. Some of her work has been assisting our HIV/AIDS patients, providing triage, leading tobacco cessation classes, supporting our diabetes program, managing care coordination, and more. She has been especially pivotal in linking our homeless patients with care and support. Connie has always been a smiling face, and warm heart that greets our patients and connects them with what they need.


Connie has been recognized and awarded for her contributions to the community multiple times throughout her career at ANHC. Her awards range from national-level recognition, such as the Local Hero award from the National Health Care for the Homeless Coalition, to the University of Alaska Anchorage recognizing Connie for her contribution to Nursing and Human Services education.  


In 1983, it was ANHC’s mission that made Connie interested in working here, and it has been ANHC’s Mission that’s made her stay for nearly four decades. 

"ANHC’s mission is still my strongest reason for continuing this work. The privilege of getting to know the patients we serve and their trust in us, and the diversity of our patients and staff makes every day amazing."



A key requirement of being a federally recognized Community Health Center is to closely monitor the quality of our care by tracking progress of our patients in certain key health measures. ANHC has decided to focus on six of these measures as priority metrics.


Percentage of patients screened for depression who received a follow-up plan or counseling.

GOAL 2019 = 62%


Percentage of patients with BMI above normal who received a follow-up plan or counseling.

GOAL 2019 = 41%


Percentage of patients screened for tobacco use who received cessation counseling intervention.

GOAL 2019 = 83%


Percentage of hypertension patients whose blood pressure is under control.

GOAL 2019 = 60%


Percentage of Diabetic patients who have HgA1c blood sugar under control.

GOAL 2019 = 73%

Percentage of children patients with a BMI above normal who received a follow-up plan or counseling.


GOAL 2019 = 60%

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ANHC Financials are based on audited financial reports from fiscal year 2017

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ANHC partners with local healthcare organizations, as well as community and municipal entities who have joined together to work on ending homelessness. In 2017, the medical respite program was unveiled at the Brother Francis shelter. This program gives Anchorage’s homeless population a safe place to recover after being discharged from the hospital, with additional support to move to permanent housing.

ANHC celebrated 5 years in our new and fully-funded building located in midtown Anchorage. There was an excellent turnout of supporters, with Anchorage Assembly Members, Alaska State Legislators, Mayor Berkowitz and Senator Dan Sullivan in attendance, as well as local TV stations. 

ANHC celebrated Alaska’s expansion of Medicaid with Alaskan Governor Bill Walker, Representative Ivy Spohnholz, Alaska DHSS Commissioner Valerie Davidson and other community members who were integral in establishing the expansion of Medicaid in Alaska. 

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